The crew here at Mount Zion Offroad is comprised of Jeep, 4×4, truck and offroad enthusiasts. We regularly spend time outdoors, in the dirt, and understand the desire to have a vehicle that is compatible with an adventurous lifestyle.

We’re Your 4 Wheel Drive Experts

We pride ourselves in discovering how you plan to use your Jeep or truck offroad, and how we can transform your vehicle to reliably enhance your lifestyle in the dirt. We are proud of our technical understanding and are sure to advise with logical mechanical repairs, modifications, or customization. Our team is highly experienced in professional automotive repair with our technicians all having formal automotive repair training and over 50 years of combined professional experience. Each automotive technician is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Safety Inspector and Emissions Inspector.

We regularly guide open invitation offroad trips at local Pennsylvania Offroad parks such as Rausch Creek Offroad Park and AOAA. We have several important reasons why we enjoy our regular offroad trips and why we make them a regular par of what we do, they include building relationships, having fun, and of course, real world trail testing.

Our Story

Mount Zion Offroad began out of a passion for 4 wheel drive and Jeep vehicles by a father-son team Mike & Jim Cashman in June of 2004. Jim and Mike have been working together with Jeeps from an early age. One year for Christmas Mike received a Craftsman tool set, and a project soon followed. Jim and Mike enjoyed working together lifting their Jeeps in the driveway, going on weekend offroad adventures, and reading the next issue of 4Wheel and Offroad Magazine.

As Mike was pursing a business management degree, Jim wanted him to apply the corporate business training that he was learning with hands-on, real life, local small business, and Mount Zion Offroad was started. In early 2006 Curtis Weir joined the management team, his passion for ATVs dirt bikes, trucks and Jeeps, along with his mechanical aptitude made him a perfect fit.

Throughout the last decade Mount Zion Offroad has refined and developed 4×4 service, repair and customization, becoming experts within the Jeep, truck and 4×4 areas. A concrete understanding of vehicle suspension dynamics as well as available aftermarket upgrades and relationships with the leading manufacturers makes Mount Zion Offroad the premier solution for Jeep or truck lift kits, wheels and tires, offroad bumpers, lighting, and many other accessories to make your Jeep or truck perform at it’s peak!

The acquisition of Rhino Linings of York has allowed Mount Zion Offroad to further enhance the performance, utility, and look of Jeeps and trucks within South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland.

The management team shares common goals and ideas about business operations such as fun, fairness, and flexibility. We look to Jesus Christ as the guiding factor in how we live our lives.

Meet The Crew

We don’t do this because it’s a job, we do this because it’s our life.

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