4×4 Maintenance

All of our technicians are formally trained as automotive mechanics and are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania as Emissions, Safety, and Enhanced Inspectors. We can provide all maintenance needs that you may have from engine oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, differential fluid changes, and numerous maintenance requirements as specified by vehicle manufacturers. Did you just purchase a used truck or Jeep and are not sure what maintenance has been completed? Need a shop to give a comprehensive check over? We have the recommended maintenance schedules and can get you back on track to specified preventative maintenance.

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4×4 Tires & Wheels

Mount Zion Offroad is the perfect place to purchase wheels and tires for your lifted Jeep, truck, or 4×4! We utilize sophisticated calculators to determine and measure wheel fitment. There is no guessing how far your wheel will stick out. We understand how offset, backspacing, and wheel width are taken into consideration when deciding which wheels are correct for each customer’s specific application. With thousands of different wheels available, customers can ensure that finding the correct wheel and styling is easy. From start to finish we can provide all of the necessary installation, troubleshooting, and expert service for a variety of wheel and tire needs, whether custom or original. The right wheel and tire combination gives a vehicle the aesthetics, performance, and traction that are needed in the day to day 4-wheel drive world.

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4×4 General Repairs

Have you noticed your steering getting loose? Are you seeing a wet spot under your Jeep or truck? Are those lights on the dash annoying? We have the capability and experience to perform most general automotive repairs. PA State Safety Inspection and Emission Inspection & Enhanced Inspection are state required inspections that we perform. We have the latest diagnostic software to read codes, perform self-tests, and find malfunctions throughout the complicated electronic systems in newer vehicles. We also are able to troubleshoot the Tire Pressure Monitor Systems which are found on all vehicles 2007 and newer. We house many different specialty tools needed to fix most Jeeps, trucks and 4x4s.

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4×4 Suspension

Most 4-wheel drive rigs often see hours of rigorous use, whether it is a truck used everyday at work on the pipeline, or a Toyota Tacoma outfitted for overland expeditions. It is the extreme demands of larger tires, heavier loads, and punishing use that cause suspension components such as tie rod ends, ball joints, and wheel bearings to wear out. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to efficiently diagnose and repair adverse handling conditions that drivers may experience when it is time to upgrade or replace those worn out suspension parts. Have you ever experienced the dreaded Death Wobble? How about Bump Steer? These are common repairable issues that many 4×4 owners deal with, often on rigs that have been modified. We are very familiar with these problems and have developed specific troubleshooting procedures to diagnose these scary and annoying handling concerns.

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4×4 Alignments

Regardless of suspension configuration, it is crucial that proper alignment is achieved to maintain predictable vehicle control and handling. We have the tools, experience and knowledge to ensure that vehicles are aligned to either the OE spec, or our own specification depending on custom applications. We utilize the latest alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering to ensure that the correct Caster, Camber, & Toe are achieved as well as axle offset, thrust angle, and total vehicle toe. Whether your vehicle is lifted, stock ride height, or even lowered, we can perform a perfect alignment.

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4×4 Offroad Accessories

What size winch is right for your rig? What fog lights are the best for your application? Which suspension parts withstand the elements and use in the Northeast? There are thousands of innovative offroad parts available. We provide expert knowledge and recommendations, ensuring that the correct parts are purchased for your 4×4. We have direct relationships with many offroad & 4wd part manufacturers, which results in parts that are sourced quickly and correctly.

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Rhino Lining

Mount Zion Offroad is a proud franchisee of the Rhino Linings corporation, providing expert application of the Rhino Linings brand polyurea and polyurethane Truck Bed Coatings. We have experience with not only vehicle applications such as truck beds, bumpers, and rockers, but also many different types of industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. Mount Zion Offroad acquired Rhino Linings of York in 2008 and has continually improved the application process. We are proud to spray many trucks for new vehicle dealerships, as well as truck owners. We take pride in the work we perform.

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4×4 Differentials & Drivetrain

Mount Zion Offroad is proud to specialize in differential rebuilding and regearing, as well as locking and limited slip differential installation. Locking differentials are an enormous advantage when you need traction. We have real-world experience testing, evaluating, and installing various differential lockers commonly available on the market and can provide insight into which option is the best for your vehicle. We have all of the necessary tools to correctly install Ring & Pinion gears while measuring pinion & carrier preload, backlash, and tooth pattern. Do you need stronger axles to withstand additional load from larger tires? We have many creative options for increasing strength such as chromoly axle shafts and burly axle housings.

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