4x4 General Repair Services

Have you noticed your steering getting loose? Are you seeing a wet spot under your Jeep or Truck? Are those lights on the dash annoying? We have the capability and experience to perform most general automotive repairs. PA State Safety Inspection, Emission Inspection & Enhanced Inspection are all state required inspections that we perform in house. We have the latest diagnostic software to read codes, perform self tests, and find malfunctions throughout the complicated electronic systems in newer vehicles. We also are able to troubleshoot the Tire Pressure Monitor Systems which are found on all vehicles 2007 and newer. We house many different specialty tools needed to fix most Jeeps, Trucks and 4x4s.

Jeep rear suspension with King shocks


Does your lifted truck's suspension feel spongy? Maybe time to rebuild or replace your shocks. We are able to service most rebuildable shocks in house.

Toyota TRD front suspension and steering


Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Wheel Bearings & Universal Joints are all common repair items we see regularly. Contact us to make sure your rig is safe & reliable.

4x4 Oil Leaks General Repairs

Oil Leaks

Does your Jeep, truck or 4x4 mark it territory with leaking fluids? Contact us to fix all of the leaks.

Shock & Coilover Rebuilding

Shocks are important as they control the suspension providing precise handling and predictable performance. Over time the performance of a shock can deteriorate due to low fluid levels or contaminated fluids. We are fully equipped to rebuild and service coilovers & shocks in house. During a complete shock rebuild, the shocks are disassembled, thoroughly inspected, cleaned, & seals replaced. We then refill the shocks with high quality synthetic shock oil & charge with Nitrogen.

Repair & Upgrade

Often the best time to upgrade is when a repair is needed. We can provide heavy duty upgrades as alternatives to a standard repair. Often big brake kits, HD ball joints, & burly steering components get overlooked, we have the expertise & knowledge to provide the best recommendation for every client. Using higher quality materials can add longevity and prevent future problems.

Our Approach

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Quality Products

We are proud of the products we sell and install! We make recommendations based on years of experience utilizing only the best manufacturers! We will always suggest products "MADE IN USA" when possible!

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Personalized Service

Life is about people and relationships. It is our constant endeavor to know each customer personally and share in the ups and downs of life.

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Custom Solutions

Working on lifted, vintage, or modified vehicles can never be approached with a "one size fits all" mentality. We enjoy being creative with unique solutions for every vehicle & client.

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Fast Turnaround

It is our goal to avoid long lead times for appointments. For us to be successful and clients to be happy, turnaround needs to be speedy! It is our goal to get your vehicle back on the road quickly & correctly!

Other Services

Does your truck, Jeep or SUV need a look over or some first air? The MZO crew can get you back on the road (or dirt/rocks/water) again quickly and affordably.