Rhino Lining Services

Mount Zion Offroad is a proud franchisee of the Rhino Linings Corporation, providing expert application of the Rhino Linings spray-in liner brand polyurea & polyurethane Truck Bed Coatings. We have experience with not only vehicle applications such as truck beds, bumpers, and rockers, but also many different types of industrial, commercial, & agricultural applications. Mount Zion Offroad acquired Rhino Linings of York in 2008 and has continually improved the application process. We are proud to spray many trucks for new vehicle dealerships, as well as truck owners. We take pride in the work we perform, and are proud of each job we complete. We have the ability to spray custom colors, and generally complete 2-3 spray in truck liners per day.

Rhino Lining More Than Just Truck Beds

More than Truck Beds

Rhino Lining is an excellent material which provide enhanced protection to many different surfaces. When utilizing the correct primer It will stick to most metals, wood, plastic & fiberglass.

Rhino Lining Hybrid Approach


Rhino Linings Corporation manufactures many different spray on applications, including Hybrid, Tuff Grip, Hardline, Xtreme & Solar Max. Our favorite material is Hybrid, which is what we inventory.

Rhino Lining Preperation Step

Prep is Everything

We thoroughly clean & prep everything prior to applying Rhino Lining. This process can include scuffing, cleaning, priming & masking.

How is it sprayed?

We utilize a Graco XP1 Reactor which applies the two part Rhino Linings application in a 1:1 Hot, High Pressure manner. This application method ensures the best adhesion, texture, and conforms very well to the substrate. The applicator wears a complete 3M suit & hood to ensure his safety and protection. During truck bed applications we utilize collision wrap to completely cover the entire vehicle prior to spray ensuring no overspray. We also use a sharp wire trim tape to make sure that all edge are straight, & crisp.


Rhino Linings is a perfect material for a variety of manufacturing applications. We are able to spray large quantities or bulk parts. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding technical specifications or logistics. We enjoy developing creative solutions for utilizing Rhino Linings in many different ways. Generally Rhino Lining is sprayed at 3/16" thick, but we can vary the thickness based on each job, or specifications.

Our Approach

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Quality Products

We are proud of the products we sell and install! We make recommendations based on years of experience utilizing only the best manufacturers! We will always suggest products "MADE IN USA" when possible!

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Personalized Service

Life is about people and relationships. It is our constant endeavor to know each customer personally and share in the ups and downs of life.

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Custom Solutions

Working on lifted, vintage, or modified vehicles can never be approached with a "one size fits all" mentality. We enjoy being creative with unique solutions for every vehicle & client.

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Fast Turnaround

It is our goal to avoid long lead times for appointments. For us to be successful and clients to be happy, turnaround needs to be speedy! It is our goal to get your vehicle back on the road quickly & correctly!

Other Services

Does your truck, Jeep or SUV need a look over or some first air? The MZO crew can get you back on the road (or dirt/rocks/water) again quickly and affordably.