4x4 Differentials & Drivetrain Services

We are proud to specialize in differential rebuilding and regearing, as well as locking and limited slip differential installation. Locking differentials are an enormous advantage when you need traction. We have real world experience testing, evaluating, and installing numerous differential lockers commonly available on the market and can provide insight into which option is the best for your vehicle. We have all the necessary tools to correctly install Ring & Pinion gears, while measuring pinion & carrier preload, backlash, and tooth pattern. Traction is important whether trail riding at your favorite offroad park, getting to the ideal hunting location, or traveling through difficult weather.

4x4 Stronger Axles

Stronger Axles

Do you need stronger axles to withstand additional load from larger tires? We have many creative options for increasing strength such as chromoly axle shafts and burly axle housings. We have installed complete custom axles from Dynatrac, Teraflex, and Currie.

4x4 Traction Devices

Traction Device

Which traction device is best for you and your vehicle? Selectable? Automatic? Limited Slip? Lunchbox? We can help decipher all of the options and determine which is best for you!

4x4 Speedometer Calibration

Speedometer Calibration

Don't forget to calibrate your speedometer! After changing gear ratio you may notice the speed is not correct. We are able to recommend solutions to fix this annoying problem!

The Correct Ratio

Differentials are extremely important in all vehicles, as the differential inside the axle housing is what sends power coming from the engine to the tires. This is important because the Ring & Pinion gears inside the differential are directly related to tire diameter. In order to maintain the ideal RPM at a specific vehicle speed, the tire size and gear ratio must match. We can help advise which Gear Ratio is the best for your rig. Often complaints about vehicle sluggishness when larger tires have been added can be resolved by numerically increasing gear ratio. For example, if your truck originally came with 32” tires & 4.11 Gears, after installing 37” tires a 4.88 Gear ratio may be more ideal. We are a direct dealer for Yukon Gear & Axle, RCV Performance, and Nitro Gear & Axle. We love Ring & Pinions and are proud to offer customer specific solutions based on individual requirements!

Gear Oil

Using the correct gear oil and additives is important, as all differentials have varying requirements. We inventory many different types of gear oil based on the differential manufacturer's recommendations. Traditionally, most differentials used 80w90 gear lube, while today many newer axles require full synthetic 75w140. Ask us which is the best for your Jeep, truck, or 4x4. All new gear sets require a break-in period to prevent overheating damage. Any overloading or overheating will break down the gear oil, which will cause the ring and pinion to fail. We recommend changing gear oil 500 miles after installation.

Our Approach

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Quality Products

We are proud of the products we sell and install! We make recommendations based on years of experience utilizing only the best manufacturers! We will always suggest products "MADE IN USA" when possible!

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Personalized Service

Life is about people and relationships. It is our constant endeavor to know each customer personally and share in the ups and downs of life.

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Custom Solutions

Working on lifted, vintage, or modified vehicles can never be approached with a "one size fits all" mentality. We enjoy being creative with unique solutions for every vehicle and client.

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Fast Turnaround

It is our goal to avoid long lead times for appointments. For us to be successful and clients to be happy turnaround needs to be speedy! It is our goal to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and correctly!

Other Services

Does your truck, Jeep or SUV need a look over or some first air? The MZO crew can get you back on the road (or dirt/rocks/water) again quickly and affordably.