4x4 Alignment Services

Regardless of suspension configuration it is crucial that proper alignment specifications are achieved to maintain predictable vehicle control and handling. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to ensure that vehicles are aligned to either their OE spec, or our own specification depending on custom applications. We utilize the latest alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering to ensure that the correct Caster, Camber, & Toe are achieved, as well as axle offset, thrust angle, and total vehicle toe. Whether your vehicle is lifted, stock ride height, or even lowered, we can perform a perfect alignment every time.

4x4 Sensors


Many late model vehicles are equipped with a steering angle sensor, YAW sensor and ABS/ Traction Control System to maintain the vehicle intended path. Our alignment system correctly calibrates the steering angle sensor, ensuring a safe and correctly functioning vehicle.

4x4 Vehicle with alignment heads installed, on alignment rack

What can we Align?

Our alignment heads are designed to reach around the tire, meaning wheel design is not important. We have aligned vehicles with tires over 40" tall!

4x4 Worn Suspension

Worn Suspension

Worn out, damaged, or broken steering and suspension components can cause poor handling concerns and result in a vehicle's alignment out of spec. Prior to an alignment we check over the suspension and steering!

Custom Suspension

Many suspension systems and lift kits require intensive alignment upon installation. The Jeep Wrangler JK, for example, can have up to eight adjustable control arms and two adjustable track bars to consider during an alignment. We can correctly make the necessary adjustments to ensure correct alignment. Our alignment machine will measure not only caster, camber and toe, but axle offset, thrust angle, and total toe. Contact us to schedule an alignment for your lifted, lowered, or modified suspension.

Alignment Report

Upon completion of alignment, a report is generated showing exactly what the alignment specs were before and after the calibration! The report is easy to read with green indicators for correct specs, and red indicators for items that may be out of specification. This reference guide is important to keep for future maintenance and modification. We also retain all alignment reports as part of each client's vehicle service history.

Our Approach

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Quality Products

We are proud of the products we sell and install! We make recommendations based on years of experience utilizing only the best manufacturers! We will always suggest products "MADE IN USA" when possible!

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Personalized Service

Life is about people and relationships. It is our constant endeavor to know each customer personally and share in the ups and downs of life.

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Custom Solutions

Working on lifted, vintage, or modified vehicles can never be approached with a "one size fits all" mentality. We enjoy being creative with unique solutions for every vehicle and client.

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Fast Turnaround

It is our goal to avoid long lead times for appointments. For us to be successful and clients to be happy turnaround needs to be speedy! It is our goal to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and correctly!

Other Services

Does your truck, Jeep or SUV need a look over or some first air? The MZO crew can get you back on the road (or dirt/rocks/water) again quickly and affordably.