Building More than Jeeps! Our Top Five Truck Builds

Top Five Mount Zion Offroad Truck Builds

America’s favorite vehicle – the pickup truck! We build a lot of them, and this is a short list of our top five favorite offroad truck builds.  One thing people ask us frequently is “do you only work on Jeeps?” That answer of course is that we work on all types of vehicles, but we specialize in 4×4 vehicles. A number of our team members and long-time clients do own and love Jeeps but the off road space is not limited to them, and neither are we!  

As a 4×4 vehicle customization shop, we take pride in creating one-of-a-kind trucks of all makes that reflect the unique personalities and needs of our clients. Our team of expert technicians and service advisers work together to bring the vision of each build to life. In this post, we’re excited to showcase our top five truck builds, highlighting the parts and accessories that make each one unique. Whether you’re a fan of off-road adventures or simply appreciate the rugged look of a 4×4 truck, you are sure to enjoy these incredible builds. Let’s dive in and explore our top five offroad truck builds!

Toyota Tundra with Fuel wheels driver side at mount zion offroad 2023 Toyota Tundra front end

#5 Lifted & Leveled Tundra

Vehicle: 2023 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition

Color: Magnetic Gray Metallic

Wheel: Fuel Rebel 20×9 +1 Offset

Tire: Nitto Recon Grappler 295x60R20 (34×11.50)

Suspension: Westcott Designs 2/1 Lift & Level

Other Accessories: TRD Pro Grille swap

What We Love: The MADE IN THE USA Westcott kit, and the subtle but unique appearance acquired from the Fuel wheels.

They did a great job with lifting and upgrading rims and tires on my 2023 Toyota Tundra 1794. They made great recommendations and installed the equipment flawlessly with great communication and customer service.

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This beautiful  2023 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition is built with the Westcott 2/1 Lift & Level kit. We have built several using this kit, and the parts are very well engineered and made. We love that Westcott makes all their parts in-house right here in the USA. One great thing about this kit is that it retains the factory ride and handling, while making room for a significantly larger tire.  

The customer chose the Fuel Rebel 6 wheel in a 20×9 and +1 offset for just a little bit of poke.  A great hybrid terrain tire, the Nitto Recon Grappler 295/60R20 measures approximately 34 inches tall. We also swapped out the standard 2023 Toyota Tundra 1974 Edition grille for the TRD Pro grille to give the truck a more rugged front end, standing at number 5 in our top five offroad truck builds!


2021 Ram 2500 Power Wagon at Mount Zion Off-Road  2" Carli Dominator System | 3.0" King Remote Reservoir ground view of rear shock

#4 2021 Carli Dominator Power Wagon

Vehicle: 2021 Ram 2500 Power Wagon

Color: Black with gray Power Wagon Graphics

Wheel: Fuel Covert 20×9

Tire: Cooper STT Pro 37×12.50

Suspension: 2” Carli Dominator System with 3.0” King Remote Reservoir Shocks

Other Accessories: Carli Fabricated Radius Arm upgrade

What We Love: The Ram Power Wagon has long been a shop favorite full size truck, but the Carli Dominator and King Shocks really take this beast to another level!

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Power Wagon trucks are such an incredible heavy duty 4WD platform. The owner of this 2021 Ram 2500 wanted his truck built RIGHT, using suspension components from Carli and King.  It doesn’t take much to fit 37’s on a Ram 2500, but you need a kit like the Carli Dominator to take suspension travel with large tires to the next level.  The result is that the truck rides like a dream, and will climb or bomb the most rugged terrain anywhere.  The fabricated Carli radius arms are massive, giving the owner the peace of mind that the suspension will take any beating he can throw at it.  There’s so much to love about this Ram, and that’s why it’s number 4 in our top five offroad truck builds!


2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 with fog lights front driver side 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 with 5.5" BDS Lift w/Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coil Overs & DSC Adjusters

#3 Chevy Z71 Bomber

Vehicle: 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71

Color: Satin Steel Metallic

Wheel: Fuel Rebel 17×9 +1 Offset

Tire: Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/70R17 (34×12.0)

Suspension: BDS 5.5” Performance Suspension System with Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coil-overs 

Other Accessories: 4.11 Spicer Re-gear

What We Love: The Colorado is a sweet platform, and to build one on Fox coil-overs is a total dream rig!

I am very happy with the way my truck turned out! It rides better than anticipated which is awesome!

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Chevrolet’s Colorado is an underrated platform, and as such you don’t see a lot of them built anything like this one!  A massive 5.5 inch lift from BDS to clear the nearly 34” tall tires, and Fox remote reservoir coil-overs to manage all that travel and soak up the whoops! To ensure the power plant is able to operate at optimal RPMs with the big jump in tire size, we re-geared to a 4.11 ratio.  This is among the coolest midsize trucks we’ve built, landing it at number 3 among our top five offroad truck builds!


2022 Nissan Frontier front driver side with KMC Dirty Harry Satin Gray Black Lip 18X8.5 +18 with General Grabber ATX LT265/70R18 at mount zion off-road 2022 Nissan Frontier front end

#2 The New Frontier

Vehicle: 2022 Nissan Frontier SV

Color: Black Obsidian

Wheel: KMC Dirty Harry Satin Gray w/ Black Lip 18×8.5 +18 Offset

Tire: General Grabber ATX 265/70R18 (32.50×10.50)

Suspension: 6” Rough Country lift with Complete Struts

What We Love: This was the first new Frontier we had the opportunity to build, and it’s a really cool refresh on a classic tough midsize truck.  They’re relatively easy to work on, and look great with added suspension lift and larger tires!

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With it’s rugged styling, capable 4×4 system, and numerous factory options, the 2022 Frontier is a great updated midsize platform. We were excited to see Rough Country waste no time creating a full front differential drop 6” kit for this truck in the affordable price point they are known for.  This kit can be ordered with or without the RC Lifted N3 Struts, and for this build our customer chose to add the N3 Struts.  The KMC Dirty Harry wheel was an excellent choice to round out the altered look of this beautiful little pickup! We’ve modified several 2022 Frontier trucks since but this one remains our favorite, and that’s why it’s number 2 in our top five offroad truck builds!

Carli E-Venture Lifted 2022 For F-350 Super Duty hero shot  Carli E-Venture Lifted 2022 For F-350 Super Duty E-Clik shock detail

#1 Super Tremor

Vehicle: 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty Tremor

Color: Iconic Silver

Wheel: Method Race Wheels 305 Matte Black 20×9 +18 Offset

Tire: Nitto Ridge Grappler 37×12.50R20

Suspension: Carli E-Venture System 1.5” with e-Clik

Other Accessories: Full progressive leaf pack, Carli torsion sway bar, Carli adjustable radius arms, Carli low mount stainless steel steering stabilizer

What We Love: It should be obvious, but we’ll say it anyway—the only way to make a Carli kit better is to get the SDI e-Clik upgrade! Also, the Method 20” wheels were absolutely the right choice for this rig.

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Ford’s new Tremor package on the Super Duty includes some impressive off-road centric features such as a rear locker, front limited slip, and skid plates.  On the technology side, it boasts ‘Rock Crawl’ and ‘Trail Control’ drive modes.  Our customer wanted to build on this platform by adding some proven hardcore parts from Carli and tech with the SDI e-Clik shocks.  At the press of a button the Carli E-Venture kit with E-Clik shocks can change shock valving to match the terrain and speed. We installed the Carli fabricated radius arms, full progressive leaf pack, low mount stainless steel steering stabilizer, as well as their custom torsion sway bar to round out the handling upgrades. Method 305 wheels in matte black finish and a 20×9 +18 offset with Nitto Ridge Grappler 37×12.50 tires really make this truck stand out! Easily one of the coolest Super Duty trucks we’ve modified to date, this was an easy choice for number 1 in our top five offroad truck builds!


Be sure to watch this video of the video synopsis and 2022 Frontier (#2 Truck) build before you go!


by Jon Tirrell
Mount Zion Offroad Staff Writer